Starting my site over again


Well I am back with a new post, and a new site. I figured that while I am out here in Houston doing the tech nerd work I might as well do other stuff which is fun and which will help people out. There were certain things that I did not like about the previous incarnation of my site. So I got rid of it and decided to start over. Now with the help of someone more knowledgeable than me using WordPress I have a new site which should be more secure and as long as I updated, things will be fine. So really the main reason for this post is to test things out and make sure they are working fine. I am being redundant of course. In any case, I am hoping to put some neat things on here. So stay tuned. In the mean time, check out the various pages and posts for fun, serious, useful, and useless things.

I hate studying

So, in order for me to officially teach certain consumers here in Houston I have to prove to the state that I know my stuff. Naturally I chose to take the Windows, Window-Eyes, and iOS tests first. … BUT WAIT! In order to pass I have to take the Office and Jaws tests as well even though I’m told you can pick and choose which tests you want to take so you can start teaching in those subjects.

So in late March I took 4 tests; Window-Eyes, Windows, Office, and iOS. I figured that those are easy as pie since I know my stuff when it comes to those 4 topics.

1. Window-Eyes was a breeze. I had no problems taking the test with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 questions, and even those questions were poorly written so the answers were at best ambiguous.

2. Windows and Office. I place them in the same line here because when I saw the questions asked my jaw dropped. Since I don’t know if I can legally disclose information about the tests, let me just say that the questions for the most part were ones which have never come up in a training situation. I wish I could example, I really do. Let’s just say that when you are training someone on the usage of Office, it’s a good idea if the test were to include questions about one of the most used Office programs included in the suite – Outlook. The Windows test was similarly weird. I could never see consumers needing to know some of the stuff I had to prooved I know in order to teach. I just realized that last sentence wasn’t written exactly right. Oh well.

4. iOS. Yes, I skipped 3 because I lumped Windows and Office together. This one was a breeze as well. First off, it wasn’t multiple choice, but essay style. Psychologically I got into viphone mailing list mode. As I answered each question I pictured myself at my own computer and going through the viphone list email and answering 50 emails from people who needed help. I was able to finish this test in just over 30 minutes. That’s less than 1 minute per answer – which I was proud of since they were essay style. The viphone list is a Google Groups list which I moderate and is made up of more than 1400 members as of today. The list is dedicated to answering iOS, iPhone, and general app and iThingy questions. It’s a fun place to be. Just search for it on Google Groups or drop me a note and I’ll add you if you are interested.

Needless to say, I failed Office, but passed the other 3. I am not even sure how I passed Windows, but there it is. next week i go in to retake Office and also take Jaws.

Now, I mentioned studying in the title of this post. yet, all I’ve done is rant about the injustice of the tests themselves. let me just say that I’ve been studying how to best merge Office and Jaws together since that seems to be the most popular combination here. I truly wish it was Window-Eyes, but we need more advocacy for it. Texas is a very large state, so we need large amounts of that.

So, with that in mind, wish me luck for next week.

Happy partial Fibonacci day

Hi all. I would like to wish everyone a happy partial Fibonacci day. First off, you might wonder what the heck is a Fibonacci anyway. Well, you can read this page for the answer and find out. The reason I dedicate today as a partial Fibonacci day is because of the date. 5/8/2013 can be written as 5, 8, 13, and that, my friends, is part of the Fibonacci sequence.

Thanks all, and happy counting.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…

Fixed a weird time and date issue

Hi all. Since relaunching my web site I came across a weird date and time issue. Things were displaying as

%A %B %e%q, %Y

. Thanks to Google I found the answer to this annoyance. A local web designer named Alex had the answer to the exact problem I was having. It turns out that this is not unique to QTranslate plugin issues. So, thank you Alex for the answer to my date and time problem.